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Software Products - Modelica Libraries

PowerTrain Library

Vehicle Power Trains and Planetary Gearboxes with Losses

The PowerTrain Library provides primarily one-dimensional rotational mechanical components for vehicle power trains. Optionally, all three-dimensional mechanical effects can be taken into account, e.g. when mounting a power train on a multi-body vehicle dynamics model.

In addition, basic components for modeling the longitudinal dynamics of a whole car are available. The focus however is on power train modeling with emphasis on standard and planetary gears with losses and flexible driveline models.

 Visualization Figure 1 Visualization Figure 2
Automatic Transmission in SimulationX     Differential in SimulationX

Further Information

PowerTrain Library, Catalog Page (PDF, 358 kB)
Modelica Libraries, Catalog (PDF, 4.9 MB)
Literature The PowerTrain Library: New Concepts and New Fields of Application (PDF, 607 kB)
(4th International Modelica Conference, 2005)


The PowerTrain Library will be soon available for SimulationX.

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