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Software Products - MECHMACS

Example for mechanical blockset MECHMACS

Engine with a winch

Example An electric motor DCE with an attached rotating shaft drives a set of gears. A drum, connected to the output gear, winds up a rope which carries a weight.
  • DCE block (direct current engine) is models the electric motor
  • SMD block (spring mass with damper) is models the long rotating shaft
  • RGB block (rigid gear box) is models the gears and the drum and also performs the transition from rotation to translation

To set up a simulation, the user wires blocks in the sequence of their occurence in the mechanical system into a Simulink block diagram and enters parameters into block-specific dialog boxes. These parameters determine the dynamic block behavior under implied displacements, velocities and external forces.

Using MECHMACS-C for this example results in a speed up of 10 or more (without animation).

Simulink model

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