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Consulting & Design

Design Reports

Some design reports are available as downloadable files. We place no restrictions on the use of any of these files except that they may not be sold. These reports show typical circuit designs created through the application of available CAE software.

Design of an LC-Bandpass with 1 % Relative Bandwith with QuickFil

This report bp1qf.pdf in german describes the design of a very narrow LC-bandpass with a center frequency of 5 MHz and a bandwidth of 50 kHz. Synthesis and calculation of the circuit elements are done with the filter synthesis program QuickFil (english version is called Filter Master). All transformation steps to get a realizable circuit are shown in detail.

Modeling of an RF-Choke for SPICE

This short report mdr40uh.pdf in german describes the modeling of a typical RF-choke from simple measurements.

Calculate Impedance from Measured Insertion Gain in 50Ohm-System

This short report vf.pdf in german describes how to calculate the modulus of an impedance Z(f) from insertion gain values measured using a tracking generator and a spectrum analyzer.

Simulation of a Receiver Frontend

The short report sim_rx_et_1.pdf in german describes the simulation of the frontend of shortwave receiver. The file sim_rx_et_2.pdf contains a copy of the slides presented at the ASIM-Workshop ''Simulation technischer Systeme'' at the Technical University Dresden on March 5, 2009.

Design of a matching circuit for 455 - 505 MHz

The report Entwurf_einer_Anpassschaltung_fuer_455-505MHz_28-FEB-84.pdf in german describes the design of a UHF matching circuit between two load impedances consisting of resistances and parallel capacitances. The filter synthesis program S/FILSYN is used to calculate the passive element values.

For more information about any of these designs, please email to Hans.Gall@Bausch-Gall.de.

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