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Software Products - Modelica Libraries

BG_RT Library

Real-Time Simulation with Standard DAQ Cards

The Bausch-Gall Real-Time Library (BG_RT) includes components to access data acquisition (DAQ) cards directly from a Modelica simulator.

It was designed to allow the usage of the Dymola Realtime option with DAQ cards without any further programming effort. Currently we support the card NI-USB6009 from National Instruments. Functions for reading and writing analog and digital data are provided.

BG_RT allows easy and low cost HiL-simulation. Only a standard Windows PC with Dymola, option Realtime and a DAQ card are needed.

The library is delivered with complete source code, including the code of all C-routines. Therefore it can be used as programming template for other DAQ cards.

 BG_RT Figure 1 BG_RT Figure 2
Example Model Diagram     Experiment Setup

Further Information

BG_RT Library, Catalog Page (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Modelica Libraries, Catalog (PDF, 4.8 MB)
Link National Instruments Website on NI USB-6009


The BG_RT Library is currently available for Dymola 7.4 (Modelica 3.1).

A version for SimulationX is planned.

We also assist with the adaption of other DAQ cards.

For more information, prices and quotations please contact info@Bausch-Gall.de.

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