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BAUSCH-GALL GmbH (LLC) is an engineering company based in Munich, Germany. We sell simulation software, organize training courses and do consulting based on our specific technical know-how. We also offer special design services, devices and products for radio frequency (RF) applications. BAUSCH-GALL GmbH was founded in 1987 by Dr. Ingrid Bausch-Gall and Hans Gall who started as independant consultants in 1983 and 1981. Today, the company is owned and operated by Leo Gall and Hans Gall. Based on a broad range of expertise in the solution of practical problems by effective computer application, BAUSCH-GALL GmbH serves the market for high-quality simulation and computer-aided engineering. [more]

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If you find any bugs or have any problems, please contact us at: webmaster@bausch-gall.de

BAUSCH-GALL GmbH, Wohlfartstrasse 21 b, 80939 Muenchen, Germany
Phone: +49 89 3232625, Fax: +49 89 3231063
Email: info@bausch-gall.de